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ABC Election Briefing Series, powered by Free Enterprise Alliance

ABC Members Only

Join us for the ABC Election Briefing Series, powered by the Free Enterprise Alliance, as we provide insights on the nation's political landscape.

This series will feature political experts who will provide updates on the political environment, highlight key races, dive into regional focus areas, and much more.

The ABC Election Briefing Series is free of charge and reserved for ABC members only.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Please contact Melanie Pfeiffenberger for more information at or (202) 595-1813.

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FranklinCovey's 7 Habits Coach

Members can also sign up for FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits Coach 10-episode webcast series designed to help navigate real problems in challenging times. The series will be delivered daily for 10 days to help you:

  • • Focus on what you can influence when there is a lot out of your control.
  • • Get the skills to prioritize in the midst of overwhelming outside sources.
  • • Apply timeless principles to preserve relationships with family, friends and colleagues in times of stress.
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Viewpoint's Take 15 Webinar Series

*Hosted by ABC’s Strategic Partner Viewpoint*

Date: Every Friday Register Now
Time: 12 p.m. ET
Length: 15 Minutes
Speakers:    Viewpoint Product Experts
Webinar Description

The Take 15 series is a weekly, brief webinar led by Viewpoint, an ABC Strategic Partner, where product experts highlight challenges contractors face and how Viewpoint’s comprehensive suite of software solutions can help solve those challenges.

- Friday, July 17: Faster Billing with Collaborative Progress Billing Workflows
- Friday, July 24: Modernizing Field Data Capture to Improve Project Success
- Friday, July 31: Gain Control with Better Data and Analytics


The Next Normal: Preparing Our Workplaces and Workforces for the “Return to Work”

Date: Monday, July 13, 2020 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Devjani H. Mishra, Melissa K. Peters and Lori Brown of Littler Mendelson P.C.

*Hosted by Littler Mendelson P.C., ABC General Counsel Maury Baskin's firm*

While COVID-19-related stay-at-home restrictions have been easing, new state and local requirements make clear that what businesses are “returning to" will look very different from what they left. Employers in every industry must consider when, whether and how to make that return safely.

Join leaders of Littler's Return to Work Task Force Devjani Mishra and Melissa Peters and our host, ComplianceHR CEO Lori Brown, as they discuss how to:
• Interpret reopening guidance from federal, state and local sources
• Develop compliant and sustainable workplace safety plans
• Keep up with changing federal, state and local leave-of-absence and accommodation requirements
• Reassess workforce strategies and structures for the balance of 2020 and beyond
• Utilize resources and technology, including ComplianceHR SmartScreen,™ for navigating the return-to-work process
• Designed for: In-house legal counsel and senior to mid-level executives in human resources, compliance, employee relations and employee benefits.

Introducing ComplianceHR SmartScreen™
A paperless, mobile-friendly screening application for safely returning to work

Best Practices for Being Compliant When Performing Prevailing Wage Work

Date: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Nathaniel Peniston, Fringe Benefit Group; Deborah Wilder, Contractor Compliance and Monitoring
Moderator:    Mike Bellaman, ABC National

ABC Members Only

This session will provide information and guidance on the factors that impact the contractor’s bottom line when bidding and working on public “scale” jobs. Learn about the common misconceptions and the rules and best practices for helping members compete for, win, and stay compliant on jobs funded with public dollars. The session is designed to increase your knowledge about accounting for apprenticeship programs, sick pay and fringe benefits, as well as provide foundational understanding to position ABC member firms to win government bids and complete them profitably.


Nathaniel Peniston, Vice President, Fringe Benefit Group
Nat Peniston works with external partners such as ABC to identify areas of collaboration and drive customer success. An expert in the administration and compliance challenges of hourly employees with prevailing wage and fringe benefit obligations, Peniston has published a number of articles, including “Why ‘Prevailing Wages’ Exist & How to Take Advantage of Them,” and “The Prevailing Wage Debate: Benefit Plans or Cash Payouts?”

Deborah Wilder, President, Contractor Compliance and Monitoring Inc.
Deborah Wilder is an attorney with more than 35 years’ experience in the field of prevailing wage. She and her staff have helped hundreds of agencies and contractors comply with federal Davis-Bacon and state prevailing wage requirements in more than 20 states and has authored three books on the topic, including What Every Contractor Should Know About Prevailing Wages.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Surety Industry—What Contractors Need to Know

Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2020 Register Now
Time: 3 p.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes
Speakers:    Michael Gross, CNA Surety; Thomas O. McClellan, Zurich Surety; Steve Nelson, Markel Surety
Moderator:    Mike Bellaman, ABC National

ABC Members Only

Learn from seasoned surety industry leaders how contractors should protect themselves contractually during the pandemic and pitfalls to avoid. Find out how the current construction market compares to the market following the 2008 financial crisis; how the surety market could be impacted based on anticipated changes in the construction industry and how the surety industry will perform. Panelists will also discuss bonding capacity and/or the ability to get bonding the ability to call on a bond of a contractor impacted by the pandemic and insights into current and anticipated claim patterns due to the pandemic.

Littler’s Friday Webinar Series

Session Title: COVID-19 in the Workplace: Recent Developments and Compliance Challenges
Speakers: Bruce J. Sarchet, Littler Mendelson P.C.; Kayla K. Cox, Littler Mendelson P.C.;

Webinar Description
*Hosted by Littler Mendelson P.C.* Login information will be provided to the participants the day before the webinar.

It has become apparent that COVID-19 is going to dominate employment and labor law issues for the foreseeable future. On Friday, April 3, Littler's Sacramento office presented a webinar on dealing with COVID-19 in the workplace. More than 500 attendees generated over 100 questions, and we were unable to answer all of them in the allotted time. Plus, the laws relating to the pandemic are changing virtually every day.

Therefore, to address evolving labor and employment law challenges, Littler has decided to host COVID-19 webinars on the first Friday of each month. The series is designed so that business leaders, human resources professionals and in-house counsel can stay current with the best thinking that Littler has to offer during the crisis.

Each session will begin with a 30-minute update on recent legal developments, including practical suggestions and strategic thinking for responding to new COVID-19 challenges, followed by a 30-minute to an “open microphone" session to answer your questions.

Date: Friday, August 7, 2020 Register Now
Time: 11:30 a.m. EDT
Length: 60 minutes



ABC is here to help and provide support in any way as we navigate this crisis together. Please find ABC coronavirus resources for members as well as chapters operations: