How can my company apply for the ABC/WEX One Card program?

Contact WEX toll free- 888-588- 6162
Eric Hoffman, Director – 615-777-4888
Christopher Hardimon, Director – 703-887-2020
Email- [email protected]

What are the ABC member company requirements for the One Card program?

To apply, your company must be a member of Associated Builders and Contractors.

What information will I need to provide when I apply?

When applying for the WEX One Card program, please have the following information options on hand to accompany the Application and Certification of Beneficial Ownership Form provided by your WEX sales representative.

a) Company's 2 year financial statements or
b) Personal guarantee agreement
c) Federal Tax ID

Integrated Payables

The IP solution reduces costs, mitigates risk, streamlines processes and generates revenue by optimizing all payment types – card, ACH and check.

How do I determine which One Card program is right for my company?

WEX Corporate Fleet offers many solutions to ABC members that can support your fleet, travel & entertainment and purchasing needs. Our sales representatives listen to your objectives and ask the right questions to understand your business to business expense challenges and goals within the construction industry. After a professional assessment, a customized payment program is designed with the right expense tools, combination of benefits, virtual card, from one or multiple card product functions with cash incentives.

How do I apply for an ABC Card if my company already has the WEX program?

If your company already has the WEX Corporate Fleet program and you need to upgrade your company’s expense management needs to the ABC One Card or virtual card programs.
Please contact WEX Corporate Fleet
Email: [email protected]
Customer Service

How do I contact WEX Customer Service?

For help with your company’s card program, please contact the individual at your organization that runs the WEX card program. For lost, stolen cards or fraudulent charge(s) contact WEX 24-hour Customer Service number at 1-866-571-2435.